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Castle provides a unique solution working with you to provide feasibility studies, cost planning, design management, and construction delivery. Our approach involves early stakeholder engagement, 3D design analysis, and teamwork to ensure project success.

What makes us different...

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In-House BIM Expertise

Our team's proficiency in the use of BIM technology has enabled us to achieve remarkable outcomes. We work together seamlessly, from project initiation to completion, making smarter choices, improving coordination, and identifying conflicts. By utilising BIM's capabilities within our own organisation, we guarantee exceptional precision, efficient resource allocation, and a shared vision that leads to outcomes beyond what was thought possible on every project.

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We are dedicated to being innovative in our industry. We strive to be the first to use new and improved technologies that change the way we build things. Our goal is not just to keep up with the times but to be leaders in our field. By using the latest tools and techniques, such as modern building materials and market-leading hardware and software, we can work more efficiently, accurately, and sustainably. We are always pushing ourselves to be better and to deliver projects that not only meet current standards but also help shape the future of construction.

One team

One company, one vision

Our team offers design services, Principal Contracting, MEP subcontracting, new builds, fit-outs and refurbs. While we have the in-house ability to provide multiple offerings, these are all united under one company and all share the same common values.

We are one; we are Castle.

Committed to a sustainable future

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