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A large light grey bulding with a red roof, red panels around the doors and a large wall of wood panelling on one side


Building facilities, workplaces, homes and relationships.

Our areas of expertise

New Build

From concept to completion, we breathe life into architectural aspirations, ensuring each structure stands not just as a physical entity, but as a testament to our pursuit of excellence.


Whether it's speculative warehouse/storage units or a bespoke manufacturing facility, tailored to meet the needs of the end user. Our experience in this sector is unmatched. We can create new facilities or work seamlessly within a live environment, ensuring the core business is not affected.


From layout to logistics, we create spaces that streamline operations, improve efficiency, and drive the seamless flow of goods, underpinning the advancement of industries and regions.


We can construct new commercial buildings or extend/refurbish an existing unit to create a space that meets the needs of the business. Whether that is a functional space, a modern environment or both, we have a vast amount of experience in this sector.


Our solutions aim to improve retail spaces, enhance customer experiences, and increase operational efficiency, ultimately leading to business success in this sector.


Castle specialises in building cleanrooms with extreme precision. These are highly controlled environments that are used in critical industries. We are committed to making sure every detail is taken care of to ensure the highest standards are met.


The impact of Castle can be felt in schools and universities everywhere. Our work sets the stage for life-changing educational opportunities, creating spaces where learning flourishes and students are empowered for success in the years ahead.


Castle specialises in facilities that promote wellness and recreation. Our expertise lies in creating environments that encourage improved health and well-being, ensuring that visitors enjoy a relaxing experience.


Our in-house expertise allows us to find cost-effective outcomes by combining the latest technology to create hybrid solutions. We always find there is a better solution, and we have the in-house ability to identify and present these.


How We Build for Success

A large, multi-sided, glass-faced building

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