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Castle appointed as Principal Contractor for St George's House refurb

The site will be transformed into an open plan office space, while retaining the heritage of the building.

Andrew Dawson, managing director at Castle, said: "It is very pleasing to continue our relationship with UK Land Estates and it is a great honour to be awarded the contract to refurbish a building that is acknowledged as one of the first buildings completed on what has grown to become one of the largest trading estates in the UK.

"Sustainability will feature heavily throughout the upgrade with our objective of reducing carbon footprint and improving energy efficiency, resulting in EPC ratings of A."

He added: "The work will be a mixture of category A and Category B fit out, with the finished office space tailored to the exact requirements of the client, resulting in a space that is ready for occupancy."

Adrian Bartle, construction director at UK Land Estates, said: "Bringing St George's House up to 21 st Century standards whilst uncovering and, above all, maintaining the original character of the building has been a rewarding challenge.

"We will reduce energy consumption via the installation of LED lighting, VRF air conditioning and Photo Voltaic panels, whilst ensuring an EPC A rating. Ultimately reducing our carbon footprint and being as environmentally sustainable as possible.

"We again, work alongside Castle to ensure the property receives the care and attention it deserves to provide another 90 years of service to its new custodian."

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